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About Valerie Pradhan

Valerie Pradhan is a Chicago-based classically trained pastry chef turned food stylist. From an early age, Valerie was immersed in all things food. Growing up with an Indian grandmother who was a trained chef and her Italian grandfather who was a bread baker, it was no surprise she would end up following in the footsteps of her family. Her most cherished family memories happened in the kitchen.

Having an exposure to such contrasting cultures,Valerie gained a vast understanding of the complexities and depths of cooking and baking. After graduating from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Valerie continued her education at The Culinary Institute of America. There she was classically trained in baking and pastry. During the years to follow, she honed her skills working at prestigious establishments, including Pebble Beach and the Ritz Carlton, where she worked under world class pastry chefs and bakers. Valerie also spent several years at Wilton where she designed and styled cakes and other confections. In addition, she had the pleasure of teaching a younger generation of aspiring chefs while instructing at a Chicago culinary school.

Her strong attention to detail and her vast knowledge of culinary arts and baking and pastry shows in her work. The years she has spent in the restaurant industry has given her the stamina and tough skin to be able to think on her feet and tackle any challenge that comes her way. Her first love is in the sweet side of the industry but she also indulges in styling the savory as well. Valerie values the importance of continual growth and knows that experience and constant desire to continue learning is the path to success. This mindset is why she also enjoys assisting fellow food stylists in the industry and never turns down the opportunity to spend a day testing with photographers.

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